Topic: Leadership Development

Resources for Residencies

As you look to resource your residency, three key components ought to be included to produce health.

How to Build a Residency

You can build a lasting residency program that you deeply believe in by working through a process that helps you define three things: your terms, your why and your content.

Talking Internship with Mark Dever

Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., is well known for its effective intern program. Our Clint Clifton sat down with Mark Dever, the church’s senior pastor, to discuss the nuts and bolts of the program.

How Far Do We Go with Vulnerability?

That pastors ask regularly for prayer in the church should be a non-negotiable. But how transparent should we be with others about our own situations and struggles with sins? 

3 Dangers of Indecisiveness

Leaders make decisions; good leaders make them in time. If you are going to lead well, you must couple your desire to be faithful with a willingness to decide.  

Your Church is Going to Die

People rarely consider how churches begin and almost never consider how they end. Churches, just like people, have lifecycles. They are born and they die. Where is your church in its lifecycle?  

3 Questions Pastors Must Ask

Having been around a lot of pastors at our various confabs across the world, I’ve noticed something unhealthy.

4 Ways to Find Launch Members

To plant a church you need a solid launch team. Get the best practices from Daniel Im on growing your launch team.