What I’d Do Differently

Episode 671: Circumstances and context may differ for various church planters, but everyone can benefit from the experiences – good and bad – of other planters. Ed Stetzer, Clint Clifton and Michael Crawford each discuss, based on their previous church planting experiences, three things they would do differently in planting another congregation.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How “planting pains” can catalyze needed change in your strategy
  • The proper relationship between focusing on growth versus multiplication
  • Pro/con aspects of plural leadership
  • The relative advantages of youth ministry versus pursuing young adults
  • The crucial importance of guarding your family

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

My planting pains are closely tied to the things I’d do differently. Because as a general rule, for me at least, change comes when I feel pain.Michael Crawford

In the beginning, we were really focused on multiplication and should have been focused on growth a little bit more. But I was reacting to everybody else who was totally focused on growth and not focused enough on multiplication. @ClintJClifton

I would’ve worked to have plural leadership in the church earlier. I didn’t realize how much I needed other people around me to shoulder some of the burden and joys of ministry. Once that happened, the church really started to accelerate. @ClintJClifton

I didn’t bring in young leadership quickly enough. I would’ve brought young leaders in a lot quicker to shadow me in what we were doing. @ClintJClifton

I would’ve gotten a building. So many people would come and say, “This was wonderful. Let us know when you get a church.” In that community, when you need something, you go to an institution that’s stable. And churches that don’t have permanent places appear to be transitory.Michael Crawford

A lot of our missiological understanding of “lost people” is not accurate because we’re like, “Oh, they’re lost.” Well, some people are lost within the matrix of cultural Christianity. Traditional stuff is you got traditional stuff. Michael Crawford

When you go to a community, learn from some of the past failures that people had. Sometimes failure can be our greatest teacher. @EdStetzer

Published June 2, 2022

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