Using On-line Conversations for Good

Episode 667: In our volatile and fragile culture, unwise social media posts can cause great harm to the kingdom. Co-hosts Ed Stetzer and Michael Crawford discuss using on-line conversations for good with Jenique Saunders of McLean Bible Church – Arlington.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Two guiding principles for redemptive social media engagement
  • Some ways social media platforms are being used for positive ministry impact
  • Why believers have to treat various social media platforms differently
  • Why conversations sometimes need to transition from social media to in-person
  • What Christians should keep in mind before posting

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

Sometimes people think social media is the one place where the “one another”  principles don’t apply. We need to assert that they do apply and that may mean at times not saying something.Michael Crawford

I would say to get it into the lordship of Jesus and the mission. If you’re spending all your time just saying how people who disagree with you are stupid, those often are the people you’re trying to reach with the Gospel. Helping people see their social media as part of the mission is helpful. @EdStetzer

One of the best examples of social media being used in a positive way is what we saw in 2020. There was just so much uncertainty and people really needed the hope of Jesus Christ. In-person gatherings came to a halt and social media provided a way for us to give hope to people in need. – Jenique Saunders

You don’t have to reply to everything; you don’t have to comment on everything. For a pastor or church leader, I would be asking, “What is helpful for the community, the church community, people who are going to visit your church?” @EdStetzer

Pastors are put in a predicament because if they say too much, it’s an issue, if they don’t say enough, it’s an issue. Some issues pastors never like to punt, but I do think there are some issues we should punt.Michael Crawford

I would transition the conversation from the social media to in-person. So, pastor, go to the family, cut out the texting, phone calls, get an in-person meeting and then if it becomes that big of an issue in the church, have a family meeting in your church.Michael Crawford

What we hear in James about taming the tongue also applies to the strike of our fingers when we post on social media. What we put on social media is not exempt to the commands of Scripture. – Jenique Saunders

Published May 12, 2022

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