Multiplying Church Leaders

Episode 640: Multiplying leaders in a church can pose a significant challenge, especially in an urban context. Host Ed Stetzer discusses techniques for raising up leaders with Michael Crawford, Send Network leader in Maryland/Delaware.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How Michael Crawford defines leadership development in terms of sanctification
  • The paradox of developing urban leaders only to have them leave for greener pastures
  • How Michael Crawford used an “advisory ballot” to identify potential leaders in the church
  • The diagnostic questions Michael Crawford uses in leadership development

Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

I used to think of a leader as a position and I think all of us know that positions don’t mean you’re a leader. Sometimes the most influential person in the church doesn’t have a position, but they are the leader. – Michael Crawford

A leader is a person with a presence that influences others so they become followers. – Michael Crawford 

Leadership development sometimes stops with “I went to Bible college” or “I went to seminary” or “I did some sort of informal training.” Leadership development is broader than that. @EdStetzer

Sometimes our paradigm of leadership development is truncated. It’s a little too small to be healthy. We need it to be bigger. – Michael Crawford

Leadership issues are organizational issues. @EdStetzer

The problem isn’t with leadership; it’s with unsanctified leaders. – Michael Crawford

The two most important questions that a leader can ask and answer are “Am I aware of how I lead?” and “Am I aware of what people experience when I lead them?” – Michael Crawford

Sometimes in the broader kingdom, we fund goals and not strategy. – Michael Crawford

The only way I see this working is someone has to stay and someone has to be committed. – Michael Crawford

In some communities, when you raise up leaders, you’re really raising up leaders for other places. If you’re really kingdom-minded, you have to let that go. – Michael Crawford

If you’re going to stay long-term in these neighborhoods, you have to be prepared to offer people the ability to actually make a living in the ministry and not do – Michael Crawford

We’ve had planters come to Baltimore and bring with them a culture of systems and structures and leadership development that often is done more organically in other communities. – Michael Crawford

Cultures here in Baltimore can learn that systems and structures can help them develop leaders more effectively, and cultures from the outside can learn that sometimes the most effective thing you can do is spend time with a person. – Michael Crawford

The harvest is plentiful; workers are few. Jesus is ascended; gifts are here. It’s not our job to make the gifts; it’s to identify them. – Michael Crawford

Sometimes our leadership development structures and systems are stifling rather than kind of enabling. – Michael Crawford

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Published February 10, 2022

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