Episode 553: How to Multiply Your Church in a COVID-19 Era

In Episode 553 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Ed discuss church multiplication in a COVID-19 era.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Considerations for the next six months
  • If you have to choose between building back and multiplying

 Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches):

  • “If you are an unchurched person and you are looking for a reason to not go to a new church plant, this is it.” – @edstetzer
  • “We are making plans for Easter and beyond moving back to normal.” – @edstetzer
  • “What I wouldn’t want to happen is if God has given you a burden and a vision to multiply that you put that by the wayside to try to fill your auditorium again.” – @danielsangi
  • “Financially the means to do these things haven’t changed, it just feels different because people are engaging in gathered space differently.” – @edstetzer
  • “I would say, do both. Build back and multiply.” – @edstetzer
  • “Don’t allow the circumstances that are surrounding you to slow down the vision that God has given you.” – @danielsangi
  • “People are still sending missionaries all over the world. We can’t stop.” – @edstetzer

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Published December 17, 2020