Episode 384: What Finances Do I Need to Launch a Campus?

In Episode 384 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Todd discuss how much financial support you need to launch a campus. Here is today’s question:

“We are getting ready to launch our very first campus and we’ve got a general area in the community selected based on our members, based on what’s going on in the community. So, we know where we are going, but we are exploring the financial side of it now, looking at how much money do we need to have raised for this campus to successfully launch. We’ve heard a variety of things, timelines – everything from you need to have a year’s worth of operational funds raised to 12-18 months to 36 months, more. I wanted to get your feedback and your thoughts on that. Is there a magic number? Or at the very least what would be a recommended number if you were going to launch a campus?” 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The MVP approach to launching a campus
  • If finances are important to launching a campus

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches):

  • “Especially on your first one, you want to go in lean and go minimum viable product.” – @toddadkins
  • “You can’t do more campuses or more with that money if you sink it all into one property.” – @toddadkins
  • “You need to identify who on your staff can be the campus pastor.” – @danielsangi
  • “We want you to mobilize those who live in this area from our church and just see what happens.” – @danielsangi
  • “Don’t let finances be a barrier to launching campuses.” – @danielsangi
  • “Lead with prayer. Don’t lead with finances.” – @danielsangi

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Published May 6, 2019

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