Episode 366: Best Practices for Church Plant Marketing

In Episode 366 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Todd discuss the best practices for marketing your church plant. Here is today’s question:

“We know about physical forms of marketing like TV, newspaper, billboards, and flyers. But, with social media being one of the main ways of communication, are there definite do’s and don’ts for church plant marketing when using these platforms?” 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The do’s and don’ts of physical and online marketing 
  • The need for both physical and digital forms of marketing 

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches):

  • “You have to go physical and digital.” – @danielsangi 
  • “Save up your money. Mailers are expensive, but a must.” – @danielsangi 
  • “You may not keep the mailers, but you look at it before throwing it out.” – @danielsangi 
  • “Put the rest of the money into Facebook target ads.” – @danielsangi 
  • “Your mailer needs to stand out in size and color.” – @toddadkins 
  • “Prepare your core team with emails they can forward to people they know.” – @toddadkins 
  • “When using FB, think about location and who you are targeting. It is still a very effective way to market.” – @toddadkins 
  • “You can spend a lot of money on FB and get no results. You need to know who you are targeting.” – @toddadkins 
  • “What do your ads and images look like? Whatever you look like on FB and physical mailers, you need to look like on your website.” – @danielsangi 
  • “The most powerful form of marketing is still a personal invitation from someone they know.” – @toddadkins 
  • “The personal invite needs to be the final touch on it all.” – @danielsangi 
  • “Go in to serve and soften up the community.” – @toddadkins
  • “Impressions, impressions, impressions.” – @danielsangi 

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  • Listen to our 5LQ podcast interview with Nick Runyonm, executive director of CV Outreach here

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Published March 4, 2019

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