Episode 363: Creating a Culture of Evangelism in Your Church and in Your Daily Life

In Episode 363 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Shaila Visser (national director of Alpha Canada) discuss how to create a culture of evangelism in your church and in your daily life. Here is today’s question:

“How do you help churches transition from the mindset that the pastor will “take care of evangelism” to that of a missional engagement mindset where people are owning evangelism themselves?”

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to create a culture of evangelism in the local church 
  • How the table can be a powerful evangelism tool 

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches):

  • “We’re in the business of proclaiming Jesus to be known by those who don’t know Him or who have walked away from Him.” – @shailavisser
  • “Alpha is a service ministry to the local church. We produce tools to serve the church to help them create a culture of evangelism.” – @shailavisser
  • “Are you actually living out the missional lifestyle that God has called us to?” – @shailavisser
  • “Are you communicating to people the call and the gift of being involved in mission out on the edges?” – @shailavisser
  • “How do we provide a place for people to gather and to be heard and known even if they don’t agree with us?” – @shailavisser
  • “The church has to be scattered (Monday through Saturday) to influence the world.” – @shailavisser
  • “We need to get back to reminding people to what evangelism is; to help them find a flourishing life in Jesus for the here and now and also in the not yet.” – @shailavisser
  • “Evangelism is joining a conversation the Holy Spirit is already having with another person.” – Darrell Johnson
  • “I think evangelism happens around the table — a meal, around hospitality, a listening ear, an acceptance of people where they are at, and a willingness to welcome people in radical ways.” – @shailavisser
  • “Everybody wants to be known and loved.” – @shailavisser

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Published February 21, 2019

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