Episode 349: Micro-Churches in North America

In Episode 349 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Ed discuss the emergence of micro-churches in North America. Here is today’s question: 

“What are your thoughts on micro-churches in the sense of smaller entities that are able to reproduce and multiply more quickly? Do you think that there will be a surge of these type of churches in the next 10 years in North America? Or do you think this will be something along the lines of small groups and always come alongside the church?” 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The state and trend of micro-churches in North America

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches):

  • “We don’t have the same social construct that creates the openness to non-professional leaders and more.”  – @edstetzer
  • “The only way that micro-church works is if there is a high level of lay people involvement.” – @danielsangi
  • “The micro-church really bucks against consumerism.” – @danielsangi
  • “The micro-church has moved out of the ‘excellence mentality’ that the consumeristic culture has produced.” – @edstetzer
  • “Let’s hold our models loosely and our Jesus firmly.” @edstetzer

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Published January 3, 2019

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