Church Planting Masterclass Final Exam

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Congratulations, you made it to the Church Planting Masterclass Final!

Whether you binged watched all 75+ videos or watched videos over the course of a few weeks, we are glad that you have made it this far. The New Churches team would like to reward your achievement by giving you two FREE books* – Church Plantology by Peyton Jones and Am I Called by Dave Harvey.

In order to receive these books, please enter your name and email address then complete the following quiz. If you are unsure of an answer, please rewatch that lesson. Upon submission, you will receive a link to claim your books from the NAMB store.

Church Planting Masterclass Final

CPM Final for Books

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Leading People: Which of the following biblically based principles can help you to lead people well?(Required)
Identifying Marks of a Disciple: What three characteristics identify a healthy disciple of Jesus?(Required)
Developing Faith Goals for Your Church: If there is a difference between setting goals and setting faith goals, what should be your first step after setting a faith goal?(Required)
Traits of a Strong System: Which of the following items should not be part of what shapes and grows your church’s systems for the mission of God?(Required)
Preparing to Preach: Which of the following aspects of preaching preparation should not be part of your process?(Required)
Your Family Is Your First Flock: How can you shepherd your family well as a church planter?(Required)
Has the Church Planting Masterclass been helpful?(Required)
Have you shared the Church Planting Masterclass with a friend?(Required)
Which Masterclass would you like New Churches to produce next?(Required)
Which Masterclass is your second choice for New Churches to produce next?(Required)

*Offer valid while supplies last for those who watch lessons and complete the quiz. 

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Lesson Resources