Being Equipped to Live on Mission

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In this session, you will learn how to equip your core team to evangelize, live on mission, leverage their influence, and engage in spiritual warfare.

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Reflection Questions

  1. How are you equipping your core team with a gospel strategy? What elements must be included?
  2. How can you better engage your core team to live on mission?
  3. How are you helping your core team to rely upon the armor of God, as outlined in Ephesians 6:10-18, as you approach your launch date and potential spiritual warfare?
Your Teacher | Ronnie Parrott

Dr. Ronnie Parrott and his wife Marci have six children, Jack, Anna Kate, Hudson, Silas, Smith, and Scarlet. Pastor Ronnie is a devoted husband, father, pastor, and leader with a deep love for discipleship in the local church. He has pastored churches in Kentucky and Arkansas.