Models / Approaches

Ask ten different organizations for a list of the different types of church planting models and you will get ten different lists (i.e. there is no universally agreed to list of church planting models). If you would like to see different lists, simply do a Google or Yahoo search on "church planting models" and/or "new church models". Instead of providing a comprehensive list of all possible models, we will attempt in this tutorial to highlight the high levels considerations that distinguish different models.

Seven Primary Characteristics in Determining Models vs. Strategies 

Note: often people confuse "models" with "strategies." For example, the decision to start a small coffee shop venue with candles and a dark intimate environment to reach post moderns is a strategy and not a model. In the context below, models are distinguished from one another by at least seven primary characteristics.

Categories of Models do these questions translate into church planting models? Most models fit into one or more of the following categories.

Church Types 

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