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You may find these resources helpful, but we do not endorse everything contained therein.

The resources listed below are from those who are "doing" house churches. These are meant to familiarize the reader with the terms, ideas, theology, motives, and hopes of those who are involved in the house church movement. While careful consideration has been given to the placement of these links, the listing here is not a blanket endorsement of all beliefs or content on their respective websites.

A growing number of Christians across the country are choosing a do-it-yourself worship experience in what they call a "house church." Although numbers for such an intentionally decentralized religious phenomenon are hard to pin down, as many as 1,600 groups in all 50 states are listed on house church Web sites. - Laurie Goodstein, New York Times

House Churches Annotated Bibliography (pdf)

What is a house church? (Pages that define it)

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*Highly Recommended


*Highly Recommended

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